Sifó Company

CIA. Sifó was created in 2007, with Augusti Cardona and Marta Gorchs, both former members of the now dissolved Kabam circus company (2001-2005) In 2005, their trajectories developed seperately: Marta Gorchs specialised in mime and corporal dramaturgy with Théàtre du Mouvement, at the same time perfectioning contemporary dance and Agustí Cardona joined the Quadrinyos Project at CIRC CRIC. In 2007 they began working together once more on stage with Sopa de Pedres, a circus show based on a popular folk tale, which currently is still on tour in a special adaptation for family audiences produced by the company Teatre Nu. From Autumn 2009, together with acrobat Dani de Castro (in 2011 substituted by Serena Vione), they began investigative work on the show The Fence, produced in 2012 and premiered on the 17th March 2012 at the Circus Fair Trapezi, a co-production with CAER (Centro de Artes Escénicas Reus).

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