Marta Gorchs. Artistic director

Actress. (BA in drama from the “Institut del Teatre” in Barcelona), specialising in physical theatre. Particulary interested in mime, she studied with Ane Denis, Denis Boulanger and Francine Bus Alepin (Québec), Michele Monetta (Italy) and Ivan Bacciochi (Paris). After completing her training, she worked in Paris with Théâtre du Mouvement, with Claire Heggen and Yves Marc with a project specialised in corporal dramaturgy. A trapeze artist during five years and currently a professional dancer, she has taken dance classes since 1994 in schools such as Ramon Solé, La Caldera, La Piconera, Peter Goss School (Paris). She has worked in several theatre and event companies: Teatre Nu, Ens De Nos, Dos Pics, de Cap a Peus and Iliacan, which culminated in a tour with numerous national and international performances. She has directed and choreographed several shows, circus acts, theatre and object theatre, such as “La nina del cap Pelat” by Engruna Theatre in co-production with the Festival Temporada Alta, Gerone (2011). Currently, and since 2007, she is co-founder and artistic director of the Company Sifó, along with Agustin Cardona. Marta’s web

Agustí Cardona. Performer and responsible for technical issues

Aerialist. From 1997 he has trained at several Circus Schools in Barcelona and has specialised in aerial acrobatics: single and double trapeze and cradle. Later he attended retraining courses with Circ Crac, balance and cradle with Isona Dodero and Joan Ramon Ganyet, as well as motion theatre with Yves Marc, organized by the Aadpc/Apcc. As a producer and circus technician, he has created various commissioned shows. With the Quadrinyo’s company, he created a double cradle act, premiered in Madeira for Christmas 2007. Subsequently this number was incorporated into two shows created by Circ Cric in 2008. Co-founder of the company Kabam, he performed as an acrobat and aerialist in “Gazzz …” and Tres Cuarts de Espera”, both shows toured Catalunya. Since 2011 he has worked as an actor-acrobat in the show “Sopa de Pedres” by Theatre Nu. Currently, and since 2007, he is co-founder and technical director of the Company Sifó, along with Marta Soler and heads the design and construction of the circus apparatus in “The Fence”


Serena Vione. Performer and aerialist Rosa Blava. Performer  Lluís Rodríguez. Musician

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